Welcome to The Shuffle!

I am Pronoti: perineal wallflower, mediocre writer and founder of The Shuffle, where we celebrate all things that peak curiosity, no matter how random they may be!

I live in Paris and spend a lot of time exploring its streets, often by myself, and sometimes accompanied by my French husband! After moving to France from Nagaon, a tiny town in the north-east of India, I decided to take the plunge into writing full-time. I even learnt to call myself a writer: imposter syndrome be damned! I do aspire to one day say it sans the self-proclaimed mediocrity. I’ll get there! Baby steps for now.

I love writing and the themes I dabble with include everything and the kitchen sink. For a long time, I kept myself from exploring all my seemingly diverse interests and spent a lot of time looking for ‘my niche’ or ‘my calling’. But as I get older, I am learning to embrace my non-linear thinking brain and diverse interests. Some of the things I wrote about include optical illusions, hidden crypts, personal essays, reality television, philosophy, true crime and of course, food! And that’s just to name a few!

The Shuffle was borne from the desire to write about and shuffle between all the seemingly unconnected oddities, inspirations and enchantments rooted in culture, politics, art and history. Quiet simply, everything rooted in life and death.

Join me in exploring the follies and pleasures in the pursuit of oddities and delights, while trying to stay afloat in a new country, learn a new language and attempt to find a semblance what aesthetics could be like, in the humdrum of life’s everyday ordinaries.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or you think you have a great idea for a pitch, write to The Shuffle at theshuffle.net@gmail.com.

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