Why is croissant so popular? A croissant lover’s over-the-top explanation.

Having consumed croissants at the rate of roughly 1 /day during the first 6 months after my arrival in Paris, suffice to say that I know a thing or two about why croissant is so popular. Here are some of the reasons why I love them. If I get a little too theatrical in how I profess my love for croissants in this piece, don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand

Hoi An Food Guide: Where to Eat and Drink in Hoi An

Hoi An is a food-lover’s paradise. The cultural influences from its Japanese, Chinese and French heritage is also visible in its food. Here, I bring you my favourite places to eat and drink in Hoi An, as well as some general tips for when it comes to dining in Hoi An.

Hoi An Travel Guide: Things to Do and Travel Tips for Hoi An, Vietnam

The best word to describe Hoi An is ‘charmed”. The tiny streets lined with postcard worthy houses and lanterns will make you feel as if you are walking around on a movie set. Here are the top things to do in Hoi An and some travel tips for you to optimize your visit to this magical town.

10 Things Not to do in Paris- Part 1

The idea of travelling in Paris can be intimidating but as long as you are mindful of basic Parisian dos and don’ts, there is no reason why you won’t have the time of your life in the city of love. Here is a list of things you must not do in Paris, and the things that you should be doing instead.

French Food Rituals: Eating with my French Husband Part 1

For my husband and I, being in an inter-cultural marriage (him being French and I, Indian) opened up a world of tastes and experiences. It has also made us confront some of our own cultural hang-ups around food, food-combinations and habits. Join me as I talk about some of my adventures in adjusting to my French husband’s food rituals.

Do you rub statues for luck? 3 Parisian statues to visit if you do!

Here are 3 statues in Paris if you believe in the delightful arcane myth of rubbing statues for luck! They are also very good examples of the combination of myth-making as well as cultural fixation on body-parts of statues as sources of good luck, virility, intelligence or whatever. 

Chartres: A Weekend Getaway from Paris

Chartres is an ideal weekend or even day-trip destination from Paris.
The piece de resistance of Chartres is of course, the Chartres Cathedral. Find out all the info for this superb getaway destination from Paris.

The 1000 Silhouettes of Les Secrets de l’Opéra

This piece is about art that unlike the Opéra, quite understated, but quiet a fitting tribute to it nevertheless. It is called ‘Les Secrets de l’Opéra’. This piece of art is spread over the whole of Opéra metro station and consists of tiny silhouettes depicting scenes from within the Opéra Garnier.

Explore Paris’s Le Marais: A Different Side of Paris

Much of what we know as Paris’ architecture and style, was the result of the 17 long years of urban renewal project, led by Georges-Eugène Haussmann.This means that a lot of what we recognise as Parisienne style dates back to the 1800s. All except for Le Marais! Find out more about the beautifully preserved buildings and roads from medieval Paris.

Monsoon and Memories: Mangoes with a Pinch of Salt and Chillie

My mother left me a whole assortment of food: mutton with potatoes the way I like, a small piece of fish with mustard, a side of sticky rice that smelled like heaven, a crispy brinjal, lentils and lemon. And then a bit disjointed from the overall theme of the meal, was a bowl of raw mangoes grated fine and tempered with salt and chillies. Was it in lieu of dessert? It smelled of childhood memories.


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