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French Food Rituals: Eating with my French Husband Part 1

For my husband and I, being in an inter-cultural marriage (him being French and I, Indian) opened up a world of tastes and experiences. It has also made us confront some of our own cultural hang-ups around food, food-combinations and habits. Join me as I talk about some of my adventures in adjusting to my French husband’s food rituals.

Do you rub statues for luck? 3 Parisian statues to visit if you do!

Here are 3 statues in Paris if you believe in the delightful arcane myth of rubbing statues for luck! They are also very good examples of the combination of myth-making as well as cultural fixation on body-parts of statues as sources of good luck, virility, intelligence or whatever. 

Chartres: A Weekend Getaway from Paris

Chartres is an ideal weekend or even day-trip destination from Paris.
The piece de resistance of Chartres is of course, the Chartres Cathedral. Find out all the info for this superb getaway destination from Paris.

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