Canal Saint Martin

Parisian hidden gems only locals know about 

If you are interested in getting to know Paris like a Parisians, exploring these hidden gems will help you see Paris in a whole new light.
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French Food Rituals: Eating like The French

Join me as I talk about some of my adventures in adjusting to my French husband’s food rituals.
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Do you rub statues for luck? 3 Parisian statues to visit if you do!

Here are 3 statues in Paris if you believe in the delightful arcane myth of rubbing statues for luck!
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Chartres: A Weekend Getaway from Paris

Chartres is an ideal weekend or even day-trip destination from Paris. Find out all the info on what to do and see here.
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Explore Paris’s Le Marais: A Different Side of Paris

Find out more about Le Marais and its beautifully preserved buildings and roads from medieval Paris.
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An old building with windows which are pink and blue in colours, with striped curtains in Arles, France

5 Book about France for the Curious Francophile

These books would help unravel some of the anthropological conundrums of the French culture and people. And who knows, they might even inspire some of you out there to open…
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